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Gold has always been one of the world’s most precious and coveted commodities. The extreme rarity of this metal is the reason why it holds so much value, and why our currency is based around the number of gold that’s within our treasury. Here at Muller we are constantly buying and selling all things gold. Come to our brick-and-mortar and have one of our specialists appraise your gold today. We look at casings, coins, and all other forms of gold by our specialists to ensure that what we have is authentic, and what you have we can guarantee the best prices.

Auracle Gold Tester

Auracle Gold Tester

Owner and CEO, Aaron Muller, is the owner of the Auracle Gold Tester – which is the best-selling gold tester on the planet! Aaron owns the patent, manufactures, and distributes this tester to industry professionals around the world, legitimizing our presence in the industry.

This tester confirms the karat of gold so the pricing can be accurately calculated. This level of expertise cannot be matched by competition – which is a reputation Muller is proud of.

Buy Gold Jewelry

We Buy Gold

We purchase all types of gold and gold jewelry! Also, we specialize in the appraisal and purchasing of engagement rings, gold necklaces, gold bracelets, gold watches, and all other pieces of gold jewelry. Finally, we offer the best pricing for your gold, and will always ensure that you receive a FREE appraisal with no pressure to sell.

Invest In Gold Now!

We offer a variety of guaranteed authentic gold for investment. Muller is known for our great prices and top-tier customer service, and we honor that with our promise to ALWAYS offer a high-quality product at reasonable pricing. SHOP NOW!

Buy Gold Coins

Scrap Gold (Broken or Unwanted)

Scrap gold can be any jewelry that is broken, unwanted, or items that are no longer being worn. All items are tested and weighed in front of the seller to confirm their gold content and a FREE no-pressure offer is made based on the live market. Customers that do this for the first time are surprised how much money is just laying around collecting dust.

Gold Coins/Bars (Bullion)

Any investment-grade coin or bar that is sold to individuals looking to speculate in the gold market. We buy and sell all types of these items with over 50+ years of experience. In today’s market, all must be careful of the numerous counterfeit items being sold by others. Many of today’s investors choose to hold physical gold versus a piece of paper in the market. Please stop by or visit our store for more information on available products.

Muller always offers a FREE appraisal with no pressure to sell - EVER!

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