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Muller is the only precious metals dealer in the area using live precious metals pricing straight from the trading floor. Customers can be certain they are receiving an accurate market price! All item pricing is based on the current market conditions and is crucial when looking to buy or sell any silver items. Our competitors use a free service that is less accurate and can miss a big pricing swing in the market.

Silver Muller Bars

Silver Bars & Rounds (Bullion)

Muller sells a variety of investment grade precious metals. All of the items we carry are made of .999 pure silver and can be issued by many different mints. They can have many different designs, but ultimately, they are purchased to invest in pure silver that is being traded on the live market. We also carry many varieties of these items and produce our own 10oz Muller Bar. This bar is highly popular and guaranteed by our well-known name in the industry.

Sterling Silver (925)

Sterling silver is used to make some coins, jewelry, and flatware items (forks, spoons, bowls, platters, and more). It is commonly referred to in the industry as 925 silver. This is because for it to be “sterling” it will contain 92.5% pure silver, which in turn makes it valuable for its precious metals content. The designation of Sterling or 925 is usually stamped somewhere on these items, but at times, cannot be seen due to wear. A lot of todays flatware sets will tarnish like they are silver but are only “plated” in silver and do not contain the precious metal content needed to be able to refine. A quick stop into our store and we can confirm for you, what you may have.

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Muller always offers a FREE appraisal with no pressure to sell - EVER!

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