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There are many types and vast varieties of coins, but predominately broken into two categories. They are either numismatic (value that is based on rarity, variety, and condition) or they are worth their precious metals value. In todays market conditions, most coins are worth their precious metal value, due to the higher market pricing and the demand versus supply of these items. There are exclusions to this rule though, if it is a rare date or variety, as the numismatic (collector value) is much higher than the metals value. We look at all items that are brought in to determine how to get the customer the most for their item during our free appraisal process.

Paper Money

Paper Money

We buy all types of varieties and US paper money. These items are all appraised based on variety and condition. Muller is a large buyer and seller of currency – and work closely with many large paper money brokers to secure our customers the most for their collection.

Pre 1964 Coins (90% silver)

Some rare coins minted in the US prior to 1964 were minted out of 90% silver. All dimes, quarters, and half dollars made before 1965 are predominately what is referred to as “coin” silver in the industry. These coins are bought and sold based on the market unless they are a key date or special variety.

Kennedy Half $ (40% silver)

After 1964 the mint stopped producing 90% silver coins and started minting copper nickel coins like we still use today. The exception to this was for a period from 1965-69 where they continued to mint the Kennedy half collar pieces out of 40% silver. These are the only rare coin items after 1964 that contain any silver in US coins.

Silver Dollars 1794 thru 1935

These dollars were minted in 90% silver and various varities. The years and varieties dictate the value of these items, but almost all types of these coins are worth more than their silver value. These are highly collected and cherished due to their intricate design and nostalgia.

Foreign Coins & Currency

We buy and evaluate all types of foreign coins and currency. Unfortunately, most countries have demonetized their old currency to make way for modern replacements, but most still have some type of value. Like the US, some countries made their coins from precious metals, so we sort and buy those coins accordingly.

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